Hi! My name is Pammy and I live in Sacramento, California. I enjoy crafting – such as sewing, needle felting, using clay, and mixing resin to make accessories and projects. Crafting used to be a “hobby”…it was something that I did when I had time. Now, I have made crafting my full-time profession. Although I have years of training in software consulting and customer service, I realized that crafting has always been something that came naturally to me and I want to share my passion with everyone.

I am happy to share my journey with the creations that I learned to make as I recreate my version and my new findings. Creating this website is the start of my new journey in crafting, blogging, and the sharing of resources! But, before I got to this point, I spent a lot of time researching how I could support this career change.

I found countless websites that promised to provide cash and money-making tips by working from home. Unfortunately, many of these websites were scams…but, fortunately, I was able to avoid falling victim to them. It is always hard to know which websites to trust, especially when they look legitimate.


Pammy Dolls

One of my goals for this website is to share what I have learned on how to start a home business by doing what you love. For me, that is crafting! Through this website, you will be able to follow me as I build my home business from start to finish. You will also see my website change as I learn how to develop it.

Although many of my posts and photos will focus on my crafting skills, techniques, and projects, I will also post everyday tips on how to make life easier! I am not an expert, but look for posts on health DIY-ing, beauty DIY-ing, home DIY-ing, some freebies and, of course, tips on blogging. I will also share other helpful websites and resources that worked for me.

The website “Made By Pammy” was inspired by my husband, Joy. I started crafting when I was in college, but it wasn’t until recently (when Joy encouraged me) that I started again. I make jewelry, hair clips, stuffed animals, party favors, holiday decorations, key chains, and anything that you can imagine! Everything is handmade from my home studio.

Please feel free to contact me at admin@madebypammy.com for any questions or comments.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Happy Crafting!


My dear grandmother proudly pinned my 1st Honor Award on my first grade, who has beautifully raised me up during my formative years and who has thought me how to sew with a needle at 5 years old.
My beloved grandmother "Lola Caring" I will always remember and cherish every moment we had togeter...

*Here are some of the items i have made in the past that are also featured in this blog.

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