DIY Paper Spring Flowers

DIY Paper Spring Flowers

Flowers are the natural essence that brings a breath of fresh air and color into the room. Now, you can’t have natural flowers every single day, but you can have beautifully crafted paper flowers that look extremely real! Yes, DIY spring paper flowers are the best project you can have on your mind for this season! The best part is that you can enjoy the beauty of these delicate blossoms all year around without worrying about them withering away. Here are some great DIY flower designs that you must try for yourself!


These sunny, happy flowers are one of the most cheerful blossoms to keep in any room. They also go great with a present or simply as a present themselves. You can use crepe flower or metallic paper to make these beauties. Get creative with these stunning blossoms, create a headband or perhaps a bouquet!

Cherry Blossoms

These are one of the easiest and the prettiest flowers that change the entire mood and ambiance of a room. Keep a bowl of these delicate blossoms as a decoration piece. Add a personal touch by spraying them with a natural blossom scent to make them hyper-realistic. You can easily make them out of crepe paper. Having an easy design, you can make tons of these blossoms in a short while.


If you are into roses and the romantic kind of flower arrangements, you will surely love these. The Camellia flowers are normally used to brew fragrant teas but they are very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Try and make some of them using metallic papers and add some green color with a few leaves and branches as a compliment. Create a tiara or bunch them together to make a hanging ornament for your room door.


Delve into some stunning spring vibes with these easy to make blossoms that are both simple and elegant. These elegant flowers have a spring stir about them, making them sweet little additions to the room. You can surely use them to decorate presents or as a vine on a window for a classic touch.


These are the adorable crumply flowers that take your breath away as you pass the multicolor blossoms. They are extremely easy to make with coffee filter paper. You can always paint the flowers any color you desire. Create a beautiful bunch with an assortment of these hand-made carnations and got them to your loved ones. You can also keep a bunch in your own room. It will certainly bring in some positivity and cheerfulness to the room.

How to fold a simple flower?

You will need a craft paper, scissor, glue and a spherical object.

Step 1

Cut a piece of craft paper into 4 equal 4 by 4 craft paper sizes.

Step 2

Fold in half and then further bend it once more.

Step 3

Cut the edge of the paper into a round shape and make a design as you please.

Step 4

Create a curve shape by rolling the individual petals around a spherical object such as a pencil.

Step 6

Apply glue and glue the different petals together.

Step 7

Continue to do so until you have 2 pieces with 5 petals each, 1 piece with 4 petals, 2 pieces with 3 petals, 1 piece with  petals and 2 pieces with 1 petal.

Step 8

Glue the pieces together starting with the most petals. A beautiful flower is ready in an instant!

All of these designs are easy to make and give you stunning blossoms which you can use in a number of projects. Natural flowers are beautiful and it’s a waste to pluck them. Delve into some arts and crafts to create these beautiful flowers to keep for evermore. You can also gift them to someone, which only goes to highlight the thought and effort that went into this one gift. Embrace the spring colors and bring these stunning rainbows of gorgeous flowers inside your house. They will surely paint a cheerful picture for you this season!

Thanks for reading! xx

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