Upcycling Bottle Caps

Upcycling Bottle Caps

One task that was on our Spring-cleaning list lately was to dispose of the plastic bottles that have been collected over the past 3 months.  Taking care of the environment is important to us, so we bring our plastic bottles to the recycling center as often as we can.  It’s also a nice reward to get $20 (or more!) which I can then use for my crafts.

While I was sorting the plastic bottles into a bag, I saw all of the fuchsia cute lids from my milk containers and thought of an idea: create a flower organizer!  I took 6 medim sized lids and another one in blue color.  The black large lid was from a mixed-nuts container and was the perfect size to use as the base. 

After the washing the lids with soap and water, I used a tacky glue to attach the 2  medium lid back to back (blue color on top) and into the larger lid.  It only took 5 minutes to dry and the project was done!


It is also nice to use the same color lid together!

The flower organizer container is so easy to make and so easy to use, especially when I only need a few of the findings on my project.  Additionally, this can be used for other items aside from beads and findings.  I plan to make more of these for my tiny miniature clay projects like buttons!

You can also read the blog I shared Colorful-paint Pallete I have made in the past similar to this project.

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